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Xiaochun Teng
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TThe First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, China | 内分泌
Dr. Teng is a Professor of Medicine at The First Hospital of China Medical University, Shenyang, China.
She is member of Chinese Endocrine Society (CES) and AOTA (Asia and Oceania Thyroid Association). Member of Society of Chinese Bio-scientists in America. Currently, she is the Chairman-elect of Liaoning province Diabetes Society.
Her key research interest is molecular mechanism of thyroid hormone nuclear receptor regulation. Effects of iodine, iron on thyroid diseases. She has published more than 60 articles in peer-reviewed journals.

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The academic tasks are as follows
Date Time Hall Session Role Theme
2020-12-18 11:40-12:05 Room 2

Symposium 12 Environmental Factors and Thyroid

Speaker Iron in Pregnancy