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Antonio Bianco
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University of Chicago, Chicago IL, USA
Dr. Antonio Bianco is a physician-scientist working in the thyroid field. He obtained his M.D. and Ph.D. in Human Physiology in Sao Paulo Brazil and later immigrated to the US where he maintains a federally funded laboratory. His career has focused on how the systemic hormone T3 initiates or terminates critical biological steps while maintaining relatively stable levels in the circulation. As a graduate student, he discovered the molecular link between deiodination and thermogenesis, specifically that the UCP-1 gene, key for brown adipose tissue thermogenesis, is transcriptionally stimulated by T3. This finding inspired further research on how deiodinases can modify intracellular T3 levels and signaling without antecedent changes in plasma TH levels. Over the years, he has attracted graduate students and clinical fellows to his laboratory and their work has established the importance of “local” control of TH metabolism provided by deiodinases. Local and distant collaborators also played an invaluable role, sharing models, reagents and ideas that were instrumental in his career. From a broad perspective, their work has defined the modern paradigm that deiodinases regulate thyroid hormone signaling on a tissue-specific basis, playing critical roles in human health and disease. He also served in different administrative capacities and as President of the American Thyroid Association (2015-16).

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Speaker ETA Award Lecture: Neonatal Thyroxine Activation Modifies Epigenetic Programing of the Liver