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Enrico Papini
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Regina Apostolorum Hospital - European Thyroid Association, Italy

Enrico Papini is the Scientific Director of the Regina Apostolorum Hospital in Albano, Rome, and Consultant Endocrinologist in the same Institution.

Professor of Endocrinology at the Postgraduate Medical School of the Catholic University of Rome and of the Campus Bio medico of Rome.

Past President of the Italian Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Dean of the College of the Presidents of Italian Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

Italian Representative at the European Board of Endocrinology (UEMS).

Past President of the Italian AACE Chapter

Fellow, American College of Endocrinology.

The scientific contributions, covering >200 original manuscripts, textbook chapters and Italian and International Guidelines, fall mainly in the following clinical research areas:

1. Ultrasound (US) assessment of thyroid gland
From the early 1990s, EP proposed this technique as a major diagnostic tool for thyroid nodules and defined the main US risk features for thyroid malignancy. He also provided relevant contributes to the diagnosis and therapy of nodular goiter and thyroid cancer.
2. Minimally invasive treatments for thyroid lesions and endocrine tumors

EP pioneered thyroid interventional procedures and his work has been pivotal in image-guided ethanol and thermal therapy of benign thyroid nodules and in nonsurgical management of thyroid cancer recurrences and thyroid microcarcinomas. EP is the first author of the 2020 European Thyroid Association Guidelines for Thermal Ablation Treatments of Thyroid Nodules.






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Symposium 4 Multidisciplinary DTC Care in the Era of Personalization

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