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Domenico Salvatore
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University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Domenico Salvatore was trained at the "University of Naples Federico II" from which he obtained his Board Certification in Endocrinology and earned a PhD in Molecular Endocrinology, and where he is currently Professor of Endocrinology in the Department of Public Health. During his training, he was a postdoctoral fellow in  the Brigham Women’s Hospital of the  Harvard Medical School in Boston with Dr. Reed Larsen (1993-96). Prof. Salvatore's main research interests are the molecular mechanisms underlying thyroid hormone action, the physiological roles played by selenodeiodinases in T3 plasma, and)  intracellular homeostasis in diverse tissues as well as the  involvement of these factors in disease mechanisms. These studies will help to develop personalized therapies that preserve thyroid homeostasis in patients with hypothyroidism. From a clinical viewpoint, his main interest is the diagnosis and treatment of differentiated and medullary thyroid cancer. He has participated in over 15 international clinical trials concerning the use of novel treatment in patients with thyroid cancer.






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2020-12-19 08:45-09:10 2020-12-19,08:45-09:10Room 1

Symposium 15 Thyroid Hormone and Stem Cell Regulation

Speaker Skeletal Muscle Stem Cells