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Marco Medici
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Radboud University Medical Center and Erasmus Medical Center, The Netherlands

Marco Medici is a clinical endocrinologist at the Radboud University medical center and Erasmus Medical center in The Netherlands. After he obtained his PhD in 2014, he did a postdoctoral research fellowship at the Harvard Institutes of Medicine and Brigham and Women’s hospital, Boston, USA. Next to the effects of thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy, his research is now predominantly focused on the genetic basis of thyroid function. For this, he initiated the ThyroidOmics Consortium (, which currently includes 47 cohorts with 250,000 participants. The goal of this consortium is to work towards individualized treatment of thyroid diseases, by using various “omics’ techniques in large population-based and patient datasets. Furthermore, he is the PI of a national LT3/LT4 combination therapy trial which will start spring 2021. He was awarded the Gaetano Salvatore Thyroid Pathophysiology award in 2016, the Endocrine Society Early Investigator’s award in 2017 and receives funding from the European and American Thyroid Associations, the Erasmus University, the Radboud University, and the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research (NWO).

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2020-12-19 15:10-15:35 2020-12-19,15:10-15:35Room 1

Symposium 19 LT4 vs. T3 + T4

Speaker Genetics and Polymorphism