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María del Mar Montesinos
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The National Research Council (CONICET), Argentina

Biography - María del Mar Montesinos, PhD

Place and date of birth: Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba, Argentina, May 12th 1975.

Citizenship: Argentinean.


  • 2001-2006      PhD in Chemical Sciences (Faculty of Chemical Sciences, National University of Cordoba, Argentina, FCQ-UNC).
  • 1993-1999      B.S., Biochemist (FCQ-UNC).

Present Work

  • Associated Researcher from the National Research Council (CONICET):

Center for Research in Clinical Biochemistry and Immunology (CIBICI- CONICET): 2016-present.

  • Associated Professor: Graduate Subjects: Endocrinology, Clinical Biochemistry for the B.S. Biochemistry (FCQ-UNC):  2017-present.
  • Co-Director from the postgraduate career of Specialty in Clinical Biochemistry area Endocrinology:  2015-present.
  • Work Phone:   +54-351-4344970
  • Personal phone: +54-9-3541520139
  • Work email:;

Previous Positions

·         Researcher from CONICET: Assistant (2012-2016)


     Previous: doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships in Thyroid Endocrinology and Reproduction fields.

·         Professor at the FCQ-UNC, several positions from 1999.


  • 2016-present: Scientific and Technology Secretary, National University of Cordoba.
  • 20015-present: CONICET.
  • 20013-present: National Scientific Promotion Agency (ANPCYT-FONCYT).


  • 1 Doctoral Student (in progress).

Scientific Publications (Last 5 years: 8, Total 22)

1.      Montesinos & Pellizas, Front Endocrinol 2019, 10:350.

2.      Alamino et al., Cell Physiol Biochem 2019, 52:354.

3.      Peyret et al., Mol Cancer Res 2018, 16:833.

4.      Gigena et al., J Endocrinol 2017, 232(2):337-350.

5.      Montesinos et al., Mol Cell Endocrinol 2016,420:105-15.

6.      Nicola et al., Endocrinology 2015, 156(12):4741-54.

7.      Alamino et al., Oncoimmunology 2015, 1;5(1):e1064579.

8.      Alamino et al. Cancer Res 2015, 1;75(7):1265-74.

Research area expertise:

- Thyroid hormone action in target tissues

- Thyroid hormone biosynthesis

- Thyroid cancer

- Thyroid hormones and immune system

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The academic assignments are as follows
Date (UTC+8) Time (UTC+8) Local Time Hall Session Role Talk Title
2020-12-17 16:00-16:25 2020-12-17,16:00-16:25Room 1

Symposium 7 Thyroid Hormone Inflammation and Fibrosis

Speaker Innate Immunity