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Eveline Bruinstroop
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Amsterdam UMC, The Netherlands

Eveline Bruinstroop is an endocrinologist in training and post-doctoral researcher at Amsterdam UMC. Her work focuses on thyroid hormone metabolism in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) which she started in the laboratory of Professor Paul Yen at Duke-NUS University in Singapore on a post-doctoral fellowship from the European Society for Endocrinology, Niels Stensen and Khoo Postdoctoral Fellowship Award. She published the first human study on thyroid hormone supplementation in NAFLD patients in JCEM. Subsequently, the human phase 2 studies on thyroid hormone receptor beta analogues were published also showing improvement of NAFLD. In her current studies she focuses on thyroid hormone metabolism within the hepatocyte measuring intrahepatic thyroid hormone concentration and deiodinase activity combined with liver specific knockdown techniques at Amsterdam UMC together with Professor Anita Boelen. Also she uses human models of defective intrahepatic thyroid hormone signaling and investigates thyroid hormone signaling in biopsies from our NAFLD patients. All experiments are aimed at understanding the mechanisms and rationale for thyroid hormone based therapies for NAFLD.

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Symposium 9 Thyroid Hormone Action in Metabolism

Speaker Role of Thyroid Hormone in Hepatic Metabolism