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Virtual Congress Notification
September 11, 2020
Third Bulletin issued by AOTA, ETA, LATS, ATA and LOC/POC Regarding the 16th ITC

The 16
th ITC will be held as a virtual conference on December 16-20th, 2020.
The global spread of the COVID-19 virus is continuing unabated, which naturally made it difficult to determine when to hold the ITC. For this reason, a decision as to the best time for a rescheduled ITC was considerably delayed so as to judge the situation as well as possible. It now seems evident that the pandemic will continue on into 2021 in many parts of the world.
Thus, after several discussions between the Chinese LOC and the AOTA regarding an alternative plan for the 16th ITC, LOC and AOTA reached an agreement to have the meeting online instead of in-person.
The 16th ITC will be held as follows based on the LOC's suggestion and following the approval of leaders of all four sister societies.

Date: Wednesday 16 through Sunday 20 December, 2020
Registration: Registration is needed to get access to the session website.
Registration Fee: USD 150 (Member), USD 300 (Non-member), USD 100 (Trainee/Fellow /Nurse Practitioner)
CME credit will not be granted for this virtual conference.
Sessions: Recent Advances in Thyroidology, Plenary Lectures, Symposium Lectures, and Award Lectures.  All sessions will be prerecorded. The LOC is responsible for contacting the speakers and assisting them with recording. There will be no meet the professor / debate and discussion and oral sessions / poster sessions.
Abstract submission is not necessary.

We look forward to a successful online 16th ITC.
There will be constant updates on the 16th ITC on the Conference Website ( including important dates.
We express solidarity with all our society members throughout the world and hope that everyone is staying as safe and healthy.

Weiping Teng (POC Chair of 16th ITC)
Jiajun Zhao (LOC Chair of the 16th ITC)
Zhongyan Shan (LOC Co-Chair of the 16th ITC)
Jacqueline Jonklaas (Secretary of the ATA) 
Martha Zeiger (President of the ATA)
Leonidas Duntas (Secretary of the ETA)        
Laszlo Hegedüs  (President of the ETA)
Ana Luiza Maia (President of the LATS)
Claudia Pellizas (Secretary of the LATS)
Takashi Akamizu (President of AOTA)
Won Bae Kim (Secretary General of AOTA)
Important Dates
Virtual Congress Dates
Wednesday to Sunday,
December 16-20, 2020

Online Registration Deadline
5PM, Sunday, December 20, 2020
Chinese Standard Time, UTC/GMT+8

Videos On-Demand Deadline
Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Scientific Session Website Open
Wednesday, December 16, 2020
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